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This is FUN, Can I Join??? Yes! We encourage our audience to sing along, dance with us, and pretend they are in Merrie Old England circa 1585. "But", you say,"That isn't enough."

Have you ever wanted to come out and play with us at the Faire? Here’s how. The meetings for the 2016 season have been set. Since our Faire has moved to September it’s likely that Greenwood Players will be able to travel to other Faires in the NW to sing, dance and act too!

So, do you want to be tech? Work on sets or publicity? Do you want to sing, dance and act? Do you want to be a Peasant, or Merchant or a Noble? Have you been active with other Renaissance Faires be fore and are looking for one to be a part of closer to home?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, and you are between the ages of new born - 100, with or without any talent, you are welcome to come out and play with Ye Merrie Greenwood Players (if you are a new born, please bring your parents too, O.K.?)

Follow the link above to find out about the rehearsal and performance schedule and location.

Remember, there are many members who are "tech" only, and many more who do both tech and performances. If you would like more information, write or call: Ye Merrie Greenwood Players 6015 W 20th Ave Kennewick, WA 99337 Phone: (509) 783-7727. Alternatively, you may simply follow the link above and fill out the form!