The 4th Annual Ye Merrie Greenwood at Glastonbury Faire
Toledo, Oregon
May 10 - 11, 2014
Food Concession Application


Read, Print Out, and Save this information when you apply.

Basis For Acceptance
            No application will be considered if the registration form is not completely filled out.  In keeping with the theme of Ye Merrie Greenwood at Glastonbury Renaissance Faire, FOOD VENDORS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A RENAISSANCE COSTUME, decorate their booths in the style ofTudor England,and try to present a Renaissance Menu.  Modern equipment should be kept inconspicuous.  Please include a photo of your booth and your costumes with the application. You are required to send proof of insurance with your application.

            Food Vendors must submit their proposed menus and prices with this application by March 1st and obtain approval before finalizing their plans for food to be served.  Menus and prices cannot be changed without approval from the director once they have been approved. There will be no repetition of menus among concessions.  In this regard, we ask Food Vendors to consider changing menus if another concession has first submitted a menu which included one or more of your proposed items.  Drinks and “extras” will be allowed as repeat items.

Fees and Registration:
            A registration fee of $75.00 for a 20x20 space, must be submitted with the completed application form to be considered.  When describing your booth write the frontage first then the depth, e.g. 20 x 10. Checks should be made out to:  “Ye Merrie Greenwood Players”.  The fee will be refunded to those not accepted.  No refund will be made if the food is rejected at the show for misrepresentation, or if the vendor cancels within the last two weeks before the show.  No-shows will not be invited back.

            Registrations must be received NO LATER THAN MARCH 1st. 2014.  Vendors will be notified of acceptance after March 22nd.

            Vendors are responsible for complying with all applicable public health laws or ordinances of the City of Toledo, and the State of Oregon, etc..  In addition, the following must have been completed and presented to the director with your application:

1.         That you have checked with the City of Toledo to determine what requirements are applicable to your operation

2.         That you have had issued to you a Food License from The Lincoln County Environmental Health Dept.  For your Temporary Food License Contact The Lincoln County Environmental Health Dept.  36   S.W. Nye Street, Newport Oregon, 97365, 541-265-4127

            Vendors will be advised of their booth location when they check in.  Vendors are responsible for providing all materials and for all construction and maintenance of their booths.  Remember to fire proof any materials that may require it.  Booths must have 2 fire extinguishersDisplays should be designed to withstand Wind and Rain.  NO MODERN APPEARING SIGNS OR NEON-TYPE SIGN OF ANY VARIETY MAY BE USED.

Set Up and Show Hours:
            The Faire is open from 9:30 until 5:30 both days.  Vendors may set up on Friday, from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00P.M..  THERE IS NO SET UP AFTER 5:00 P.M. ON FRIDAY WITHOUT PRIOR ARRAIGNMENTS WITH THE DIRECTOR. There is set up time available Saturday from 7:00 - 9:00 A.M..  Vehicles will not be allowed to remain on the Faire site and MUST be off by 9:30 A.M., as the gates will be opened to the public at that time.   Booths may not be taken down or vehicles brought on the Faire site until 5:30 when the show is officially over.

            In order to safeguard their merchandise, vendors will be allowed to stay on site overnight Friday to Monday. 

Important Change:  Due to the change in our insurance carrier, we are being requested to have all of our vendors have proof of insurance coverage.  You will be required to send proof of insurance with your application.  There is limited access to potable water, and any open fire may pose a FIRE HAZARDNO PETS ARE ALLOWED ON THE SITE UNLEASHED .  Important:   The names of ALL persons staying in the park overnight MUST be provided no later than two weeks before the event.  Persons not listed will be detained by security until their identity can be verified.  There will be security on the site.  Persons found using or supplying illegal substances will be handed over to the authorities for prosecution.

Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement:
            All vendors signing the registration form hereby release Ye Merrie Greenwood Players, and the City and Port of Toledo, from responsibility for any damage or loss to said vendor’s property or any personal injury which the vendor or helpers may sustain while participating in Ye Merrie Greenwood at Glastonbury Renaissance Faire.  Further, they agree to abide by the rules, policies, and guidelines contained in the application and information letters.

On Site Camping:
            Vendors may camp on site either in their booths or in our “Actors’ Camping Area” on Friday to Monday.  Fires are permitted as long as there is a FIRE EXTINGUISHER PRESENT.  Further camping information will be provided when the Vendor is accepted in the show. 

Acceptance packets will not be mailed before March 22 nd 2014.   Artists may call to inquire if they are accepted   weekdays at: 1-509-783-7727.  Note:  Each artist must apply individually on a separate form.  Forms may be photocopied as need.

YOUR  NAME__________________________________________PHONE___________________________

 BUSINESS OR ORGANIZATION NAME _____________________________________________________

(Street address, City, State, Zip Code)
EMAIL __________________________________________________________________________________

CONTACT NAME & PHONE # IF DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE ________________________________


NAMES OF HELPERS : Please write names on the back of this application.  Any additional names may be listed on a separate sheet and included with registration form


DESCRIBE BOOTH ( exact booth size with any guide wires , denote frontage size, then depth, describe appearance)



If accepted, please send me :
                        __________ Renaissance Costume Information
                        __________ Host Motel Information

My signature certifies that I have read and understood the rules and guidelines set forth in the accompanying information included with the Application form for Ye Merrie Greenwood at Glastonbury Renaissance Faire, and agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend any action against Ye Merrie Greenwood at Glastonbury Renaissance Faire, Ye Merrie Greenwood Players, and the City and Port of Toledo from and against all liability whatsoever arising from my participation in Ye Merrie Greenwood at Glastonbury Renaissance Faire.

Signature ________________________________________________    Date________________________

 Remember to enclose: 

  1. $75.00 for a 20 x 20 space , in a check or money order made out to “Ye Merrie Greenwood Players”
  2. A self-addressed 4 x 9 Standard Business Size stamped envelope
  3. The Application Form (remember to keep the application information)
  4. Proof of Insurance
  5. A representative list of items for sale and a price list
  6. Remember to include Photographs of  your Booth and Renaissance costume .

 Mail Application form to : Ye Merrie Greenwood Players, 6015 W. 20th Avenue, Kennewick WA 99338-1502